Masterclass: Skin Tones (Reg. $99)

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I know how frustrating it can feel to put your makeup on, only to look in the mirror and think, “Something, just seems a little off.” 

But the good news is: I’m here to show you why that’s  happening. With a little understanding you’ll be able to choose makeup that looks a lot better for your complexion.

In this Masterclass you'll learn

  • What cool, neutral, and warm tonal families are.
  • How to correctly classify colors into the correct group.
  • How to use those ideas when it comes to skin tones & why they matter.
  • How to apply these concepts to makeup.
  • How to find your skin tone.
  • We’ll do a celebrity assessment together so you can see these principles in action!

Plus, just by showing up to the masterclass you'll get access to the Skin Tone Quiz.