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For those who want to learn how to get makeup to fit them.

Does this sound like you?

When it comes to foundation, eye shadow, concealer, eye liner, mascara, makeup techniques, you name it, have you ever felt:

  • I’m struggling..
  • I have a hard time finding..  
  • I can’t figure out..
  • I feel lost..
  • I don’t know how..
Then this course is for you!
We’ll go over basic principles so no matter the look you’re trying to achieve, or what skill level you have, you’ll know what’ll work for you.

You're not alone.

Ready to Stop Struggling?


The Mastering Makeup Academy Online Course & Membership

Go from feeling lost to confident. I’ll teach you how to know what your eyes, skin, and face shape needs in order to enhance that natural beauty of yours! Learn how to choose, place, and use makeup in a way that’s easy to do and is actually going to work for your specific needs.

Be able to customize any makeup tutorial to fit you.

Feel confident in your ability to enhance or minimize any features you want.

Be able to choose products that work for you instead of against you from any brand.

Understand how to choose & use your makeup brushes properly.

Be inspired to try new makeup looks.

Have access to Q&As so you can get General Makeup questions answered.


One-Of-A-Kind Lessons

Easy-to-understand video lessons that can be watched from your favorite device. Learn at your own pace, at the time that works best for you.


Learn like a pro

Custom worksheets to help you retain the information you learn. And print-ready guides for you to refer to again & again.



Get your questions answered during the monthly Q&A sessions with yours truly, and the support of the members in the community.

What's inside the course?

Module 1

The Basics

Learn the foundational principles of makeup.

Lesson 1: Color Theory

When you understand how color works, you’ll b e able to inutitevly know what colors & shades are going to suit your individual needs.

Lesson 2: Makeup Brushes 101

You’ll know which brushes you need to be using and how to use them.

Lesson 3: Skin Care

Learn how to get your foundation to look good by implementing a few simple things. 

Lesson 4: Prep & Finishing

Become the master of Shine, Texture, Separation, Cakey-ness, & Redness.

Lesson 5: Makeup Application Steps

Understand the proper order of makeup products and how to make them perform at their best.

Module 2

Perfecting the skin

Learn how to get the base right.

Lesson 1: Discovering Your Skin Type

Be able to figure out what your skin type is and what it needs so that your foundation looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Lesson 2: Choosing A Foundation

Not all foundation products are going to work for you. Learn which ones will and why. That way you can choose any brand or switch things up when necessary.

Lesson 3: Matching A Foundation

Getting your foundation to look like skin won’t be as tricky once you learn how to properly match it.

Lesson 4: Correcting & concealing

Become the master of dark circles, bags, pimples, dark spots, etc.

Lessons 5-9: Makeup Application for each skin type

Whether you have dry, oily, combo, normal, or mature skin we’ll dive into what application technique works and why.

Module 3

Contouring & Highlighting

Learn how to Enhance & Minimize features and face shape.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Face Shapes

I’ll explain the fundamentals of face shapes.  This will help you be able to minimize or enhance the things that you want.

Lesson 2: Finding your Face Shape

Learn how to go through the process of finding your own face shape, and watch a live walk-through of the face shape quiz.

Lesson 3: Correcting & Enhancing Features

If there’s something you’d really like to enhance (or minimize) this lesson will show you all the necessary concepts to do just that. 


We’ll go over contour, highlight, and blush placement for each of the 11 face shapes so that you understand WHAT specifically will work for your face.

Module 4

Eye Makeup

Learn how to Enhance Your eyes.

Lesson 1: The 5 Golden Metrics for Your True Eye Shape

I’ll explain the five golden metrics in detail (what they are and what information they are giving you) so that you can discover your metrics and what specifically would suit your eyes.

Lesson 2: Choosing Eyeshadow Colors to Enhance Your Eyes

Discover what colors are going to really make your eyes stand out and why.

Lesson 3: Choosing An Eyebrow Shape

Learn how to nail the position, size, and shape. I’ll break down the benefits of each shape, so that you can make the best decision about the brow that will fit nicely with your eyes & face.

Lesson 4: Everything Eyeliner

You’ll learn about the types of eyeliners, the pros & cons, and which one a beginner should start with. You’ll understand the 4 different places that you can put eyeliner and what each of those placements achieve so you’ll know exactly what to do with your eyes.

Lesson 5: Mascara & False Lashes

I’ll share my practical tips to ensure that your mascara always looks A++, and how to choose false lashes that work for you instead of against you. I’ll show you how to apply both so you no longer have to struggle.

Lessons 6-10: Full EYe Makeup Application for Each

You won’t have to struggle with your eye situation any longer. We’ll walk through a full application for crease, deep set, hooded, monolids, and prominent eyes.

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“Kendra has a special talent for explaining complicated things in the simplest of terms. Listening to her has made so many things click for me. The concepts are really easy to follow.”

– Josephine


Yes, girl. Getting on the waitlist guarantees that you have a spot reserved as soon as the course becomes available for purchase. In fact, I’m going to tell you about it FIRST.

Anyone who wants to learn how to get makeup to work for them.

It doesn’t matter about your age, gender, or skill level. If you want to learn the fundamental principles of makeup so you’ll feel confident no matter the tutorial that’s inspiring you, the makeup brands you love, the amount of makeup you want to wear, or the features you want to enhance (or minimize) you’ll know how to do it all after this course.

Girl, I got you. In the group Q&As we’ll go over things that you might still be getting stuck on. 

I’m working on it has hard and as fast as I can. I’m currently aiming for August. BUT I will email you as soon as it’s ready — and who knows maybe I’ll finish way faster than I planned. I have been known to surprise myself. 

I would’ve never believed …

Marianne F.

“I would’ve never believed that I would be good at doing my makeup. I never wore makeup when I was younger, but now that I’m in my 40s I’m finding that I’m needing it. I just have such a hard time getting it to look natural, and like I don’t have a pound of makeup on my face. 

Kendra explained to me why I was struggling so much, what techniques to try, and how to choose products that were going to minimize my struggle. I’m not a professional now by any means, but I’m having more mornings where I think, ‘I look good today’. She’s changed my perception about makeup, and frankly, about myself. I cannot thank her enough!”

Get on The Waistlist

For those who want to learn how to get makeup to fit them.